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How to make cannabis oil?

cannabis oil

Making cannabis-infused oils is a great way to harness the power of weed without smoking it. You can cook with these oils, add them to edibles, or use them in your favorite recipes as an alternative to melted butter.

There are many ways to infuse cannabis into your favorite oil.

The most common method is by boiling the cannabis in oil, which can take up to an hour depending on how much you're making. A slow cooker or crockpot is recommended for this process since it allows you more control over the temperature of your mixture.

Slowly heating the cannabis in oil is another popular option; however, this method requires you keep an eye on it while it's heating up so that nothing burns or gets too hot! If using a microwave oven as well as stirring frequently during cooking time (about 5 minutes), be sure not to overheat or burn yourself when removing from heat source afterwards--it will still be hot enough after cooling down somewhat before use!

But, the GRIND and PULSE method seems to be the most popular for making cannabis infused oils.

But, the GRIND and PULSE method seems to be the most popular for making cannabis infused oils.

You can use a coffee grinder or food processor, blender and even mortar and pestle if you want to get really old school about it!

If you're looking for something more portable and discreet than an electric kitchen appliance then a weed grinder would work well too!

So what does this mean?

It means that you are going to grind your weed, then pulse it in a blender. You will then add oil to the blender and mix it all up until it's well combined.

OK, how do I make cannabis infused oil?

  • Start with a high-quality cannabis product. It's important to use good, fresh bud when you're making cannabis oil.

  • Use a high-quality oil as well. Make sure that your oil is extra virgin and cold pressed to ensure its purity and potency. If you want to make an infused olive or coconut oil, for example, look for those in your local grocery store or health food store that are labeled "extra virgin" or "cold pressed."

  • Use the right ratio of cannabis to oil: 1 ounce of dried flower should yield about 1 cup of infused butter (or 2 cups if you're going with olive or coconut). If this seems like too much--or not enough--we recommend starting small! You can always add more later if needed after testing it out on yourself first; but if you've gone too far down this path there won't be any turning back...

How much weed do I need for my recipe?

The amount of cannabis that you need depends on the size of your recipe. If you're making a small batch, 1/2 oz. should be enough to get started. If you want to make more oil at once, then go ahead and double or triple the amount of weed in your recipe!

You can always add more later if it turns out that your potency isn't strong enough for your needs (or if it's too strong).

Supplies needed for making an infused oil.

  • A cannabis strain with a high THC content (I recommend one that has been tested at over 25% THC). Depending on how strong you want your edible to be, use anywhere from 1-3 grams of dried bud per cup of oil.

  • Oil - You can use any type of cooking oil you'd like (coconut, olive etc), but I prefer using melted butter because it gives me an excuse to make cookies!

  • Large pot - The bigger the better so that all your ingredients fit comfortably inside without spilling over onto your stovetop or countertop like what happened when I tried making edibles for the first time without reading this article first.

Making cannabis-infused oils really isn't all that difficult.

There are many ways to do it, and some methods seem to be more popular than others. The GRIND and PULSE method seems to be the most common way of making cannabis infused oils.

You need:

  • A blender or food processor (if you're using a blender)

  • A large pot with a lid and some water in it, enough so that when you drop your weed into it they will be completely covered by liquid when submerged.


The good news is that making cannabis-infused oils is not a difficult process. If you have access to weed, all you need are the supplies listed above, some time and patience. Once you have everything together, then all it takes is pressing some buttons on your grinder to start making your own oil!


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